入谷駅&鶯谷駅そば コワーキング&シェアアトリエ reboot [リブート] 


Share studio for Artists & Creators

This share-studio building project started in April 2012, located at Togoshi 6-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.It is a 6-story building, one-minute walk from Nakanobu station. It is shared by about 40members such as modern artist, fashion designer, theater group, movie director/creator, jewelry designer, architect, shoe craftsman,comic artist and so on.

It is managed by Town Producer Company “Dramatic”, a renovator of vacant building and a digger of making the most of rentable space.

In Tokyo, you can find a lot of renovation space or designer’s space in which consideration and offering service is limited and focusedonly within the hardware scope. However this ”Install-know tochuu’da” share-atelier building offers relationship, friendship, andmutual cooperation among the members. It grows organically like a plant by installing software such as friendship, creativity, and events in the town and the people.Recently we have started expanding our activity. In 2013 and 2014,we succeeded in organizing Nakanobu-EXPO, supported byShinagawa-ku and collaborating with Nakanobu shopping arcade.

Also we are trying to let our activity be exposed in the mass media such as NHK, the Tokyo Newspaper, the Nikkei Newspaper, the Shinagawa Keizai Newspaper, and Shinagawa-ku cable TV.